Takorama 2023 took off in Greece!


Takorama 2023 took off in Greece!

Takorama 2023 took off in Greece!

An impressive increase of the Greek participants in Takorama International Film Festival was recorded in 2023. EKOME is the exclusive partner in Greece of this online festival of animated short films for children, teachers and parents, which is organised by the French NGO Films Pour Enfants, under the auspices of UNESCO. The main objectives of the festival are for it being a tool for education in the image while at the same time being an educational tool through the image, enhancing the use of cinematic segments and images and their incorporation in the teaching of the various subjects.

Greece emerges again as the 2nd country worldwide in overall participation! 

In 2023, Greece has climbed again to the second position in the world in terms of participation – a total of 12,680 persons (compared to 2,678 in 2022) discovered the poetic and original visual universe of Takorama, which translates into a 373% increase compared to last year. EKOME participated in the film selection committee, adapted the pedagogical material into Greek and informed the educational community and the wider public.

Ιn Greece, 12,010 children, aged 3 to 18, watched the films of Takorama 2023. The Festival reached schools of all levels (kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools, including vocation high schools, evening schools, intercultural, minority, art and music schools, special education schools, second chance schools and juvenile education institutions), while the increase in family viewing is also impressive this year. This year’s entries come from dozens of cities, villages and islands, even the remotest, across the country.

The Takorama  Festival 2023 worldwide in numbers

A total of 106,954 people from 65 countries participated in this year’s Festival. Out of these, 102,899 were children, most of whom watched the films with their teachers and took part in the accompanying educational activities. Children also voted for their favourite film in class or at home.

See the overall report of Takorama 2023 and children’s awards here.

The films and the educational material of Takorama 2023

The Festival runs for three months each year (April – June) and offers access to 15 animated films in five age categories (for children aged 3 to 18). The films are accompanied by worksheets containing brief information, questions for understanding the stories, the cinematographic genres and the image production techniques involved as well as targeted educational activities. EKOME has adapted them in Greek, enriching them with additional activities and references to works of literature, visual arts and films, localizing the material for the national audience.

The animated films of Takorama 2023 focus on a variety of themes, such as: family relationships, friendship, diversity, coexistence, solidarity, childhood, loss, homelessness, war, relationship with animals, climate crisis, evolution of species.

As the platform of the Festival for 2023 is now closed, EKOME has collected in an archive the pedagogical material and the links to the films, with the expectation that other teachers, parents and children will discover the imaginative animations and make use of the educational activities that accompany them. View/download the material here (text in Greek)!

See you at the next Takorama International Film Festival!

See the report and the films of the previous editions of the festival here: 2021, 2022.

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