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International Student Competition For Board and Digital Games Design

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International Student Competition For Board and Digital Games Design

EKOME in collaboration with a focus group of academics on gaming and gamification and in the context of a broader strategy for the development of community around the rapidly growing gaming industry, designed and launched the implementation of the “International Student Competition For Board And Digital Games Design”. The Competition invites students to reflect creatively on the school subject of their choice by engaging with game design. The competition is addressed to student groups of primary and secondary schools in Greece, Cyprus, and the Greek Diaspora.

The aim of the competition is to promote game design as an educational activity in the classroom. Game design is a highly creative process which encourages lateral and critical thinking and construing sets of knowledge as processes, game mechanics and branching narratives.

The innovative and highly popular among the school community competition is co-organized by the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication – EKOME, the General Secretariat of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures of the Ministry of Digital Governance, the Greek Association of Computer Engineers (EMYPEE) and the Hellenic Union of Graphic Arts and Μedia Τechnology Engineers (Print-Media Engineers) – HELGRAMED, and is under the auspices of the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy, as well as of the Region of Attica.

So far three (3) competitions have been concluded (2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023):

1st International Student Competition for the Creation of Board and Digital Games
2nd International Student Competition forBoard- and Digital Games Design
3rd International Student Competition for Board and Digital Games Design

More info:
Three-day event “Play-Discover-Create” by EKOME & Onassis Foundation