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Creating a national audiovisual archive

Preserving the national audiovisual heritage

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The importance of digitisation

The mission of EKOME is the conservation, documentation and exploitation of the entire audiovisual inventory of Greece (cinema, television, radio, Ιnternet, new media). EKOME creates documentation, conservation and digitisation infrastructure that aims, through partnerships and social dialogue, to develop a national policy for rescuing and exploiting the audiovisual heritage, enhancing historical memory, scientific research and culture in general.

Our infrastructure

Audiovisual Archives Registry

EKOME creates a registry for all archives of public and private bodies or natural and legal persons, hosting, holding or exploiting audiovisual material. The purpose of the registration is to coordinate the different entities, support their actions, establish connections among them and provide various services such as the establishment of universal standards, cooperation in the digitisation and maintenance of their material.

National Catalogue of Audiovisual Works

For the first time in the country, EKOME constitutes a single catalogue for all audiovisual production and heritage of Greece, i.e. for all kinds of audiovisual works that have been produced, are being produced or will be produced in the country. The catalogue includes each project, its contributors, copyrights, the organisation holding the copyright, its physical form and whether it has been converted to a digital format.

National Depository

In accordance with current international practices, the Depository provides the opportunity of preservation, maintenance and documentation of the country's audiovisual repository. It becomes a recipient of all the works that the law requires to be deposited as well as the ones submitted voluntarily. Moreover, the depository archives, preserves, digitises and documents the audiovisual works collected within the scope of our collection and acquisition policy.

Centre for Conservation and Digitisation

EKOME is developing a modern laboratory with the required logistics and high capacity systems for storing both digital and physical material. This structure, open to collaborations with public and private entities, allows for the preservation of the original, the already digitised material, as well as the digitisation of material in analog format. The Centre’s main objective is to ensure that the audiovisual inventory of the country is gradually converted and stored in high definition digital format.

Supporting the production of audiovisual works in Greece

Cash Rebate is an amount paid by way of reduction, return or refund on what has already been paid or contributed