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Are you in (the Media)? [Είσαι (στα) Μέσα;]

The interactive educational tool Are you in (the Media)?consists of an online quiz and an educational study guide, addressed to high school students. The online quiz covers a wide range of topics – from aesthetics and ideology to technology, language codes, production, distribution, reception and internet security. While the quiz provides a starting point for assessing media knowledge, the study guide provides a more comprehensive and analytical approach on MIL. With explanatory comments on the answers of the quiz, informative texts, suggested learning activities and online links to relevant content and to digital tools, it aims not only to disseminate basic knowledge, but also to develop competent digital and media skills.

More info:
“Are you in (the Media)?”: New interactive educational tool by EKOME 


Cine-inclusion in the classroom [Cin(e)περίληψη στην τάξη]

The educational guide “Cine-inclusion in the classroom”, the digital publication of iDea, marks the expansion of the efforts of the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME) for a universally accessible film and audiovisual literacy.

As part of its actions to promote Media and Information Literacy, EKOME took the initiative to make universally accessible two films related to inclusion issues that have been produced through the educational programs of the Chania Film Festival. A continuation of this action is the creation of the study guide “Cine-inclusion in the classroom” for the film “One school, two worlds”, addressed to teachers of General and Special Needs an Inclusive Education and concerns both visually impaired or hearing impaired children and children without sensory difficulties, aiming to promote digital and film literacy of all students, enhancing empathy, acceptance, educational and social inclusion.

More info:
“Cine-inclusion in the classroom”: the new digital publication of iDea

Films: A language without borders

EKOME launched a collaboration with the British Film Institute by offering new resources on film education. In this context, we translated three Study Guides into Greek as part of the project “Film – A Language Without Borders”, co-funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme, in cooperation with Vision Kino and the Danish Film Institute. The guides, classified by age, provide teachers with the opportunity to approach crucial contemporary social and political issues, such as migration, industrialisation and globalisation, as well as the eternal challenges of emotions, identity and growing up through the fascinating exploration of European film.

Two modern-time multi-awarded films, Paddington (2014), My Life as a Courgette (2016) – Academy Awards and BAFTA nominated, Annecy winner – and a series of short films dating back to the silent era: The Red Balloon (1956) – Academy Award winner for best script, Jemima and Johnny (1966), Palle Alone in the World (1949) are selected to be watched and worked upon in the classroom.

More info:
EKOME launches Film Study Guides in Greek!



EKOME participated as a national partner in the European project “EduMediatest: An interactive tool for evaluation and training”, approved by the European Commission in 2019, with the aim of educating secondary school students in the proper management of information through the assessment of students’ knowledge and skills in media and information in the digital environment.

EKOME was a national partner and member of the European consortium of the project with stakeholders from seven EU countries. Project leader of the project was the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual of Catalonia, CAC – Conseil Audiovisual de Catalunya and partners from Spain (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Portugal (Portuguese Regulatory Authority for the Media), Croatia (Agency for Electronic Media), Slovakia (RVR), Ireland (Dublin West Education Centre) and France (Conseil supérieur del’ audiovisuel – CSA).

More info:
EduMediatest, an open European tool in media and digital literacy


EKOME carries out a series of special actions and targeted interventions aimed at strengthening children and young people’s critical thinking, regarding the use of digital media and visual culture.