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Vocational education and training

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Inter-university programme DIAPLASIS (2019-2022)

Cooperation with Television Station of the Hellenic Parliament, with the support of the Department of Training of the Hellenic Parliament focusing on documentaries created by students (Student-Tweets).

Nu Boyana studios collaboration

Three-month paid internship program to young filmmakers.

More info:
EKOME launches internship program at Nu Boyana Film Studios

Proposal for the introduction of audiovisual specializations in Vocational Secondary Schools (2019)

Submission of a proposal to the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) for the introduction of audiovisual specializations in the curriculum of vocational secondary schools (as a response to an IEP invitation).

Script2Film Workshop (Mediterranean Film Institute - MFI) (2019-2021)

Support for the Script2Film Workshop which organises annual training seminars with global experts training young filmmakers in writing and improving the script for feature films, TV series and documentaries.

More info:
EKOME at MFI Script2Film Workshops 2020
EKOME main supporter of the MFI Script2Film Workshops

KidsKinoLab (Athens International Film Festival for Children and Youth)

Support to the KidsKinoLab workshop for the training of young creators in the development of their work for films, TV series and other audiovisual content for children.

European professional training workshop ApostLab (2021)

Collaboration with the European professional training workshop APostLab. Group and individual trainings, presentations, techniques for attracting co-producers and partnerships with global distribution platforms. 

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EKOME cooperates with the training workshop APostLab

Animation Storytelling Workshop: Pitching Your Animation Project in the Global Market

Training seminar in collaboration with the Athens U.S. Embassy and the American Film Showcase.

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Animation Training for Professionals

EKOME is constantly developing training and education programmes for professionals (reskilling, upskilling). Having a solid cooperation with professional associations and educational institutions and bodies in the audiovisual sector, systematically seeks synergies and funding schemes and participates in relevant training programmes.