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What is the investment incentive (cash rebate) that is implemented by EKOME?

The investment incentive (cash rebate) is a state aid given after the completion of the production of audiovisual works, when the costs of the investment plan have been audited. The rebate amounts to 40% of the eligible costs incurred in Greece.

It is underlined that the amount of the state aid implemented by EKOME is not allotted in part during the production, nor in advance before the start of the production, but after the production has been completed.

Who is eligible for the Greek cash rebate for digital games?

α) Undertakings that are established in the Greek territory and operate to produce audiovisual works (Business Activity Code 62.01.21)
β) Foreign audiovisual production companies that have a branch on Greek territory (Business Activity Code 62.01.21).

In case of cross-border productions, eligible to apply for the cash rebate are only Greek production companies or production service companies.