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Film Offices

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The National Network of Film Offices

The support of the domestic audiovisual industry is inextricably linked to the national goal of making Greece an attractive and safe destination for audiovisual works production through upgraded services and decentralization of audiovisual production activity. In this context and having ensured the successful operation of its financial investment incentives programmes, EKOME undertook the task of establishing and operating the National Network of Audiovisual Production Facilitation Offices - Film Offices, in the 13 Regions and the 2 major Municipalities of the country (Athens and Thessaloniki), considering the support of the services for audiovisual works production throughout Greece to be of key importance.

The implementation of this plan brings multiple benefits among which: further promotion and strengthening of Greece internationally as a reliable and more competitive filming destination, attraction of foreign direct investments in the form of private producers, boosting of domestic entrepreneurship, creation of new jobs. The proposal of EKOME for the establishment and operation of the National Network of Film Offices in the 13 Regions and the 2 major Municipalities of the country (Athens and Thessaloniki) is part of the Public Investment Program.

To date EKOME has already

  • Completed the plan and the technical specifications for the implementation of the Network
  • Started working closely with the Regions and Municipalities to complete the steps related to the operation of the local Film Offices.
  • Implemented coordinated campaigns for the promotion and marketing of the National Network of Film Offices in Greece and abroad.

Supporting the production of audiovisual works in Greece

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Facilitation Services

The organization and operation of film offices as “one-stop-shops” creates conditions for the development of industry-friendly communities throughout the country, providing free guidance and support services to audiovisual professionals. These include information on locations and accessibility, on the professional and business human resources, and on the tourist and technical infrastructure in each Film Office’s area of jurisdiction. In addition, guidance on the administrative procedure required for the issuance of permits and the use of filming locations is provided, as well as mediation for networking with local authorities, public services, as well as individuals related to the production.


Studio Greece

In the context of the operation of the Network of Film Offices, and through targeted actions for the promotion and dissemination of the Greek national identity (national brand) in international events and markets (film festivals, markets), the different Regions’ comparative advantages are highlighted as destinations suitable for the reception and execution of filming (film friendly).

The famous enchanting natural landscapes of Greece, landmarks from its world-class classical cultural heritage but also lesser-known unique scenery, monuments from different historical periods, and, of course, the dynamic and inspiring contemporary face of the country, waiting for the next production to discover them!