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Thank you for visiting the website ( of the National Centre for Audiovisual Media and Communication, hereafter referred to as EKOME. EKOME attaches great importance to the lawful processing, security and protection of your personal data, in whatever capacity you communicate or cooperate with us. Before using our website, please read this Privacy Policy carefully.
EKOME, as the controller, informs you of how we collect and process information about you when you browse its official website. In the personal personal data includes any information that may lead, either directly or in combination to uniquely identify or locate you as a natural person, such as IP address and website cookies.

The following information on the protection of your personal data concerns how
how we process your personal information when you browse the official website, including your IP address and your email address, and how we use your personal information to process your personal data.
website of EKOME.

We inform you about the following:
We maintain this Website Privacy Policy under regular review to ensure that it is up to date and accurate.
More information about the processing carried out by EKOME when you browse our website is kept up to date with our privacy policy.We will keep this policy up to date and keep it up to date. You will find the information on the processing carried out by the company during your navigation on its official website and your rights in the following section of this document. information about your rights and your rights of access to this information.

Α. Contact Details

Processing Manager

For any processing of personal data carried out in the context of any possible any of your interaction with the EKOME, including your visit to this website, you may be subject to any processing of your personal data. website, the Data Controller is:

National Centre for Audiovisual Media and Communication

Athens, Greece, 11 Pantou & Fragoudi, P.K. 17671,,
Tel: 2144022501 – 502, E-mail:
Data Protection Officer (DPO)
She can be contacted at her e-mail address. for any issue related to the data processing carried out by her. EKOME and included in this information.

Β. Data Management

As part of our core activities we collect the data necessary to purposes of EKOME, as required by the specific institutional and regulatory framework that governing the operation of the EKOME.
The personal information we process (IP address, cookies) is provided to us directly from you when you navigate the website and are collected through Cookies. We may collect and publish statistics but not in the form of that allows for the identification of individuals.

Data retention

We retain your data based on the following criteria:
The protection of users’ personal data and privacy is a key concern of EKOME. This website respects the user’s desire for protection and privacy. protection and confidentiality of personal data that may be collected through the visit/use of this website and operates in accordance with the applicable legislation and the General EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the relevant European Directives, Regulations Regulations and legislation in force at any given time. By using the platform and entering the your data, your consent to their use, storage and processing is presumed, in accordance with in accordance with these terms and conditions and the privacy statement.
The personal data and other information you submit with the registration this website, as well as in the declarations/applications that you fill in for the purpose:
are the absolutely necessary which are required for the evaluation of the applications, the processing of such requests, communication with the applicant and the completion of any procedure resulting from the user’s actions.
For the above purposes, access to users’ data and the right to process them shall be granted to access and right of use are restricted to specially authorised members of the staff of EKOME who are bound to the confidentiality of the personal data they process or whose become aware of it in the course of their duties and after their departure or termination their cooperation with it. The personal data we collect are processed processed solely for the purposes stated in each case, as described in the herein.
The data are not communicated to third parties except to the entities that are co-responsible for the The content and intellectual property rights management and any contractors for the processing of personal data whom EKOME has contracted to process personal data. bound by confidentiality clauses, for the issuance of any certificates and attestations, as well as for the processing of users’ requests and external partners or other bodies with which the EKOME cooperates in order to serve the purpose for which the the purpose for which you have submitted the application and who are contractually bound to comply with the confidentiality and security of the data.
Where personal data need to be transferred outside the EU for the purposes of the projects, the transfer shall only take place with the consent of the data subjects or with the application of one or more legal bases set out in Chapter V of the GDPR.
For the processing of the data, the EKOME shall apply all appropriate technical and organisational security measures. The personal data shall be kept until the purpose for which they are the purpose for which they were submitted, and possibly thereafter only for control purposes by the the supervising competent public authorities or if their observance is required by law, or because of the existence of a legitimate interest of EKOME. The data shall be kept for as long as the registration remains active and in the backup files kept for this purpose, for the purpose of to ensure effective communication. An exception to the deletion of data is when the retention is required by applicable European and Greek legislation. Where the processing is imposed as an obligation by provisions of the applicable legal framework, personal data stored for as long as the relevant provisions require.
We take all reasonable physical, technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration and disclosure or unauthorised access and use.
Your personal data is kept accurate and continuously updated. However, relevant changes are updated upon changes by the user. Any natural person (data subject) has a right of access to the data concerning him or her and may receive additional information about their processing.

For the exercise of the above rights, as well as for any other information or questions concerning
the processing of your personal data, data subjects may

If, after exercising his or her rights, the data subject considers that he or she has not satisfied, he or she may appeal to the Personal Data Protection Authority. Data Protection Authority (DPA), by contacting or by going to the the website of the Entity at
Where we disclose the data
EKOME does not under any circumstances trade, lease, or otherwise assigns or transmits personal data to third parties. An exception is the case when the disclosure of the data is required by an explicit legal provision and exclusively to the competent authorities. The data collected shall not be used for unsolicited communication. (e.g. e-mails, telephone calls).
We use Google’s web analytics tool “Google Analytics” to gain insight traffic to our website and how our visitors interact with it if you have consented to the use of this technology. The terms of use of Google Analytics stipulate that through this software you do not data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person are collected. Google may use this data in the context of the services provided by its network in connection with the display of personalised advertising material. For more information about Google’s data protection policy, please visit the following link
Your rights
Without prejudice to the legal framework for the protection of personal data as applicable applicable, you have the right:
Where the exercise of the above rights depends solely on our actions, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity and the legitimacy of your request legitimacy of your request, possibly requesting additional information from you for this purpose. We will make every effort to respond to your request within the one-month time limit set out in the General Data Protection Regulation and in any event we will inform you of any justified need to extend this period.
Response to requests
When you contact us, either through the contact functionality of the website of EKOME or in any other way, we collect the data you provide yourself, with in order to respond to your request.

Γ. Cookie Management Policy

When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information about your browser, primarily in the form of cookies. This information information may be about you, your preferences, your device or may be used to Site to function as you expect. The information does not usually identify you directly, but may provide you with a more personalized online experience. If you can choose not to allow certain types of cookies. category headings to learn more and change the default settings. However, you should be aware that blocking certain types of cookies may affect your experience on the site and the services we can offer you.
Cookies are a small data file (text file) that the website – when you visit the website – can use to track your browsing activity. when a user visits – asks their browser to store it on their device in order to remember information about the user, such as the user’s preference language preference or login information. These cookies are set by us and are called original manufacturer cookies. We also use cookies from other manufacturers, which are cookies from a domain other than the domain of the website you are visiting, for advertising and marketing purposes.
Legal framework Cookies
Cookies are governed by Directive 2002/58/EC as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC, which has been incorporated into Greek law by Law 3471/2006, as expressly provided for and 2016/679 Personal Data Protection Regulation.
According to the current law Law 3471/2006 (article 4, paragraph 5 of this law as amended Article 170 of Law 4070/2012) “The installation of cookies is only allowed with the consent of the of the user and after appropriate information”.
That is why the first time the user visits the website it appears pop-up window where the visitor user can declare his consent to the the installation of the cookies specifically mentioned, which are non-functional cookies that aimed at improving and promoting the services presented on the Website.
Control of Cookies
You can delete all cookies already present on the device used for browsing the Internet, as well as to configure most browsers against However, in this case, you may be able to remove all the cookies that you have set in your browser. you need to adjust certain preferences yourself each time you visit a website, and some services may also not work.
To control and/or delete cookies according to your preferences, you can refer to the following online links for more details:
What information do cookies collect?
On our website we use cookies in order to create a safer and more secure and more secure and efficient environment for our visitors. We do not use cookies for the purpose of providing a more secure and efficient experience for our visitors. collect information about your name, address or other contact information, except for unless necessary to submit requests to EKOME. We use cookies, which which are necessary to analyze the use of our website in order to understand better understand its visitors and improve the site, and if you have consented to If you have consented to their use.
In case you wish to activate or deactivate the use of cookies from browser settings, you can visit the following websites and to find out about the necessary actions you need to take.
Supplementary informationς
The cookies used on this website of EKOME are:

Δ. Specific information on the protection of minors' data

EKOME organises student competitions and other activities aimed at the school age group.
community. In the context of these actions, it collects data of pupils, teachers and Parents/guardians’ data, relating to participation applications, project submissions (to the
(e.g. for the submission of entries (entries to competitions) and the possible awarding of prizes to participants.

Read in detail how the student data protection policy is specified in the respective document.