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Audiovisual Production: Invest

Apply for cash rebate in Greece

Instructions to applicants

for the Greek cash rebate for digital games in respect to audiovisual productions pursuant to Law No. 4487/2017



Make sure your application for the cash rebate is submitted within the legal time frame:

Applications for the Greek cash rebate should be made no later than 10 days before the beginning of production and/or post-production in Greece.

Applications are submitted all year long via an electronic system guaranteeing smooth, timely and transparent processing.



Make sure you accompany the application with the following documents:

A declaration

that you accept the terms of the procedure

Documents pertaining to your company’s operation

such as the company’s articles of association, tax and social security clearance certificate, a certificate of good standing etc.

A production plan and detailed budget

for the expenses that will be incurred in Greece

A finalised financing plan

listing all funding sources accompanied by the relevant contracts

The cultural test

A point system-based assessment that decides upon the audiovisual work’s uniqueness in relation to the country



Fill in the application form

that you will find in the following link: