Third International Student Competition for Board and Digital Games Design


Third International Student Competition for Board and Digital Games Design

Third International Student Competition for Board and Digital Games Design

3os μαθητικός διαγωνισμός ΕΚΟΜΕ- Το μάθημα παιχνίδι

Enter the competition and make your move!

The 3rd International Student Competition for Board and Digital Games Design is now open, inviting students to reflect creatively on the school subject of their choice by engaging with game design. The competition is addressed to student groups of primary and secondary schools in Greece, Cyprus, and the Greek Diaspora.

The aim of the competition is to promote game design as an educational activity in the classroom. Game design is a highly creative process which encourages lateral and critical thinking and construing sets of knowledge as processes, game mechanics and branching narratives.

The innovative and highly popular among the school community competition is co-organized by the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication – EKOME, the General Secretariat of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures of the Ministry of Digital Governance and the Greek Association of Computer Engineers (EMYPEE) and is under the auspices of the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy, as well as of the Region of Attica.

 How to participate

Create a board game prototype or a demo of a digital game (Ren’Py, Twine, Scratch), drawing inspiration (in terms of thematic content, mechanics, etc) from a school subject of your choice.

In the context of this competition:

  • As valid board game entry will be considered any working tabletop game prototype for one or more players, incl. card games. It’s ok for your entry to incorporate components from different and already existing board games, as long as they fit into the aim of creating a new game (in terms of thematic content, goals, mechanics etc.).
  • As valid digital game entry will be considered any interactive application created in Twine, Ren’Py, Scratch or Unity environment; it should incorporate storytelling, require end-user interaction, have a clear goal and rules / conditions for victory / defeat / completion.

More information and guidelines here

Useful information

To register your team’s participation, fill in the online Form (in Greek).

[We inform you that the expression of interest form should be filled in by teachers and collects specific personal data. EKOME is responsible for processing and managing personal data submitted, according to the terms of its Privacy Policy and the relevant laws of the Greek state and the EU.]

  • Parental consent for minors participating is obligatory. The template form for parental consent collected in Greek schools can be found here 

[We inform you that the Parental Consent Forms are collected and archived by the schools which are also responsible for processing the personal data contained in this Form.]

  • The Competition has been approved by the Greek Ministry of Education (read in Greek

New submission deadline: 5 May 2023.

Contact us for information: 

+30 214 4022711, +30 2144027522


Additional educational material (in Greek)

“Το μάθημα… παιχνίδι!”- Educational guide, Student Competition for Board- and Digital Games Design.

Creating a visual novel game in Ren’Py. Six video tutorials covering every step, from installing the software and creating a new project to exporting the game for testing.

Creating a visual novel game in Twine. Five video tutorials covering every step, from installing the software to creating a functional trial and final version of the game.

Video from webinar for teachers: Game design as an educational activity; making a game using Scratch; licensing with Creative Commons v.4.

Video from webinar for teachers: Presentation of the International Student Competition, its educational and pedagogical goals, and results of the pilot implementation. (Webinar organized in the context of the parallel events of the 24th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People).

Video from webinar for teachers: Creating visual novel games.

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