Greek animation travels to Annecy Animation Film Festival 2021


Greek animation travels to Annecy Animation Film Festival 2021

Greek animation travels to Annecy Animation Film Festival 2021

With the motto “Greece Animated”, Greek animation travels for the fifth consecutive year to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival & Market (June 14-19, 2021), the largest animation event in the world, presenting the best of the current Greek production to the global audience, but also, to 13,000 accredited professionals in the field of animation. The Greek national delegation brings together the main pillars of film production and culture in Greece, presenting the enhanced cooperation network that aims to strengthen and further develop the unique dynamics of Greek Animation.

Our country is represented through its digital booth (Hellenic Pavilion), an initiative of ASIFA Hellas – Hellenic Animation Association in collaboration with ΕΚΟΜΕ and the Greek Film Centre.

Specifically, 15 accredited professionals will participate in the professional market of Annecy (MIFA) through the Hellenic Pavilion, more than 80 creative companies engaged in animation in our country will be promoted in a targeted way, and 17 animation projects in progress (2 series, 4 feature films and 11 short films) and 32 completed projects (2 series, 30 short films) will be presented.

EKOME supports every extroversion action of ASIFA HELLAS and as Panos Kouanis, President and CEO states: “We consistently and actively support the Greek talent in animation and we are pleased that, with every passing year, the increasing extroversion of the audiovisual sector of the country is confirmed”.

EKOME executives Vassiliki Diagouma (Head of Communication and Int’l Relations Dept.), Sofia Beretanou (Communication and Int’l Relations Dept.), and Petros Tsopanakis (Financing Programs and Development Dept.), will participate in online discussions and presentations with accredited professionals and the Press.

Read the full Press Release here (Greek text only).

You may find here the concise guide of the entire Greek national delegation participating in Annecy International Animation Festival & MIFA 2021, realized by ASIFA HELLAS – Hellenic Animation Association with the support of EKOME and the Greek Film Centre.

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