"The development of the audiovisual industry in Greece"


“The development of the audiovisual industry in Greece”

“The development of the audiovisual industry in Greece”

EKOME and the Hellenic Investment and Foreign Trade Company – Enterprise Greece co-organize an event on: “The development of the audiovisual industry in Greece: investing in infrastructure, film and tv production and international outreach” on September 12, 2022, at 12.00 pm, at the Congress Centre “Nikolaos Germanos” (Hall A, Pavilion 8 – TIF).

The event, which takes place in the framework of the 86th Thessaloniki International Fair, will focus on the business dimension of the audiovisual sector in Greece, fast-track permits and the investment legislation and on all the planned actions (investing on infrastructure, film and tv production, international outreach) for our country to be in the near future at the center of audiovisual production in the region.

President and CEO of EKOME, Panos Kouanis will be moderating the panel consisting of Betty Alexandropoulou-Executive Director-Member of the Board, Enterprise Greece SA, John Kalafatis-CEO, Nu Boyana Hellenic Studios-York Studios, York Films, Yiannis Karagiannis-CEO, Kapa Studios-JK Productions, Stelios Kotionis-Managing Director, FOSS Productions, Stratis Liarellis-Executive Board Director, ANTENNA Group, Joseph Samaan-President, Tanweer Group, Andreas Tsilifonis-Executive Producer, CENTRAL ATHENS Productions.

The investment incentives (cash rebate, tax relief) offered with great success by EKOME and the creation and operation of the national network of Film Offices, have already caused a surge in the production of audiovisual content in Greece, leading to a new boom in Greek cinema and Greek television production. From April 2018 until today, more than 270 projects (domestic and international productions) have been included in the cash rebate program, with the total investment in Greece exceeding 492 million euros while at least 65,400 jobs were created, giving a substantial boost to employment in the audiovisual sector and the development of local communities, asfilming takes place throughout the country. Thanks to this success, Greece is now placed on the map of global audiovisual production, a fact that contributes to the outreach of the domestic professional community but also to the redefinition of the brand “Greece” on a global level.

Starting from the competitive framework for encouraging audiovisual projects that has already been established, this event, hosted by EKOME and Enterprise Greece outlines the next steps towards a steadily thriving audiovisual ecosystem in Greece that will be a pillar of growth and development.

Find the Agenda and panelists’ bios here.

Find the Press Release here.

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