EKOME MIL Webinar Series – Round II

EKOME MIL Webinar Series – Round II

EKOME is excited to launch Round II of EKOME MIL Webinar Series, under the general title «Raising MIL Skills in the Mediterranean: Partnerships & Projects». EKOME MIL Webinar Series are part of EKOME’s action plan on awareness raising and e-learning on Media and Information Literacy in the Mediterranean and beyond, in partnership with UNESCO Media & Information Literacy Alliance, Europe Sub-Chapter Mediterranean Group.  

EKOME MIL webinars are moderated by Irene Andriopoulou, Head of Research, Study & Educational Programs EKOME, and co-Secretary General of the International Steering Committee for UNESCO Media & Information Literacy Alliance.


EKOME MIL Webinar Series – Round II: 1st webinar 

Monday, December 20th, 17.00 – 18.30 EET 

The 1st webinar of the new series is dedicated to EduMediaTest, an Interactive Tool for Evaluation of Media Literacy Skills in secondary education school students. EduMediaTest is an open educational tool, developed as part of an EU co-funded Creative Europe / Media Literacy for All project and already available in 10 languages. Guest speakers will discuss the results of the pilot implementation, as well as the challenges of designing and developing an educational tool to meet the needs of school students from the seven EU countries represented in the project consortium.


Mittzy Arciniega, researcher at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona; Scientific coordinator of EduMediaTest project

Tânia Soares, Head of Media Analysis Department at ERC in Portugal, national partner of the project

Robert Tomljenovic, Vice President of AEM in Croatia, national partner of the project

Watch the full webinar on our Youtube channel.