Greece in the ‘40s-Rare testimonies from Moraitis School


Greece in the ‘40s-Rare testimonies from Moraitis School

Greece in the ‘40s-Rare testimonies from Moraitis School

It has been a year since the beginning of the pilot scheme of EKOME for the digitisation and better use of the valuable audio archives of the Society of Studies of Modern Greek Culture & Education founded by the Moraitis School. The ongoing work constantly brings to the fore the dynamics of oral presentations, live dialogue, and creative exchange of views around historical, political, social, cultural and educational issues. 

The project is a synergy of the Society of Studies,  EKOME and the Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI).

Consistent with its mission to preserve and promote our national audiovisual heritage with the consent of the owner of the archival collection, EKOME shares with the public the priceless audio archive of the Society of Studies.

The following excerpts were recorded during the Symposium “Greece of the ’40s”, organized by the Society of Studies on 19 & 20 April 1991.

Listen (in Greek) to the rare testimonies of painter Andreas Vourloumis, military postman Dimitris Margaris, the playwright/director Alekos Sakellarios and musician/singer Danae Stratigopoulou.

Andreas Vourloumis ✅

Dimitris Margaris ✅

Alekos Sakellarios ✅

Danae Stratigopoulou ✅

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