EKOME achieves distinction with Digital Business Operating Model


EKOME achieves distinction with Digital Business Operating Model

EKOME achieves distinction with Digital Business Operating Model

The Ministry of Interior included EKOME in the list of best practices of the Public Sector Innovation Repository, for the design and development of its Digital Business Operating Model.

The Directorate of Informatics and Technical Operation of EKOME, considering the changing conditions that affect the daily operation of a state entity, the business continuity that must exist and the uninterrupted support of the administration and personnel, while seeking ways to enable savings to be made in material resources, developed an innovative digital business model, based on cutting-edge technologies and within the framework required by the Digital Transformation Bible.

This innovative business model covers the need for absolute digitization of EKOME’s business operations, for new electronic services provision, for the management of financial tools and integrated projects for funding, emphasizing on high security concerning the data managed by the organization.

This model, on the one hand provides EKOME with the ability to operate entirely digitally and remotely, and on the other hand, it facilitates the Centre to adapt technically to organizational changes and conditions, creating prospects for a modern working environment. This innovative practice has been decisive for EKOME as it has allowed its full operational activity during the pandemic, while maintaining up to now, its business continuity unhindered under a teleworking regime whenever necessary, expanding its digital services to third parties, facilitating its work and creating a new modern culture in the workplace.

Digital transformation is a strategic choice for EKOME, ensuring flexibility and business continuity to the ever-changing demands of the digital age, adopting Best Practices within the framework of OECD guidelines. It is a great honor that this model is recognized and promoted by the Ministry of Interior in order to be an inspiration at the national and international level.

It should be noted that in a post on social media, Microsoft’s Government Industry Lead, Mazen Fayad, refers to EKOME’s digital transformation as a model. Read more here.

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