Discover Greece’s other worlds


Discover Greece’s other worlds

Discover Greece’s other worlds

Across its astonishing variety of landscapes, history and architecture, Greece can offer pretty much a whole world to any audiovisual production. And a plethora of other worlds too, as showcased by the latest “Location International 2023” issue.

A natural film set, Greece offers a variety of unique locations and provides an ideal blend of urban and rural landscapes bathed in the Greek light all year long. Volcanic landscapes, waterfalls, canyons, exotic beaches, and historic and archaeological sites that may be adapted to be pretty much anywhere one wants.

On top of that, as Panos Kouanis, President and CEO of EKOME underlines “there are the competitive investment incentives, the high-end studios, the well trained and multilingual crews, a network of film offices supporting productions’ needs, a safe working environment and, of course, exceptional gastronomy and the chance to combine business with pleasure”.

Discover the endless possibilities of an amazing source of inspiration any and every audiovisual production could benefit from.

Read the articlce here.

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