Interview of Panos Kouanis in Newsweek magazine

Interview of Panos Kouanis in Newsweek magazine

“From concept to materialization, EKOME provides any creator, artist and producer with the right kind of tools so that they can bring their idea to fruition.”

The special publication “Greece Marches Forward” of the International edition of Newsweek magazine published this week, brings forth the next day for Greece’s business sector, whereas Greece’s management of COVID-19 is widely praised, highlighting the country as one of the safest and most rewarding places in the world for tourists and investors in 2020.

In his interview Panos Kouanis, President and CEO of EKOME discusses EKOME’s strong incentives and support to the domestic audiovisual sector and to international producers, emphasizing the stakeholders’ rising demand for Greece.
Full text at p.42 here.

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PS. Since the time of the interview, the Greek Cash Rebate has been raised to 40% (for more information click here).