"Your story is your hometown's story": one day conference by EKOME


“Your story is your hometown’s story”: one day conference by EKOME

“Your story is your hometown’s story”: one day conference by EKOME

The aim of the one-day conference “Your story is your hometown’s story: Pedagogical approaches on Media and Information Literacy” is to promote media and information literacy skills as basic skills of the 21st century, through the participation of the Greek student community in the preservation of the audiovisual heritage. The students are called to conduct local research into the archives and libraries of their hometown, to document family stories and create a short film or digital product. The conference is the kick-off event of the Student Contest under the title “Your Story is your Hometown’s Story”, where students are invited to take part in the preservation of historical evidence and archives, promote the sources they look into through a youthful approach and practice the creative launch of user-generated content (short films, digital products).

The Conference is co-organised by the Ministry of Education, Research & Religious Affairs, Educational Radiotelevision & Digital Media, the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication – EKOME SA and consists a part of the actions of the GAPMIL European Sub-Chapter Mediterranean Group by UNESCO, the coordination run by EKOME.

You may find the Conference Programme here and all the sections of the Conference on our YouTube Channel (in Greek).

You may also find here the round up press release (in Greek) on the successful conclusion of the one-day conference.

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