EKOME at Drama International Short Film Festival


EKOME at Drama International Short Film Festival

EKOME at Drama International Short Film Festival

EKOME, a great supporter of Drama International Short Film Festival, participated in the 44th edition (12-18/9), establishing a collaboration that is reflected both through its practical support to the Festival and through the fostering of actions that promote its international presence and networking, support its educational programs, the audiovisual projects, and their creators.

The collaboration of EKOME with Drama Festival is strategically oriented, a fact confirmed by their joint presence with the national pavilion at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (in collaboration with the Greek Film Centre), with the main objective of internationally promoting the Greek short film in a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment.

On September 17th, a cooperation and sponsorship agreement between EKOME and DISFF was signed by Panos Kouanis, President and CEO of EKOME, and George Demertzis, President of the Drama Festival, in the presence of the Mayor of Drama Christodoulos Mamsakos and the Artistic Director of the Festival Yannis Sakaridis.

As the President and CEO of EKOME Panos Kouanis underlined: “This cooperation applies to all three pillars of action of EKOME: training, support for domestic production and digitalization, as the Drama Festival supports short film production and is also a meeting place for filmmakers from all over the world”.

In the educational field, the cooperation between EKOME and DFTMMD includes the participation of EKOME in the Pitching Lab, synergies with Pitching Labs of other events abroad, international collaborations to attract professionals in the fields of: script and development and distribution.

At the 44th Drama Festival, 158 films from more than 50 countries were screened, while particular importance was given to the field of animation, as the Festival’s collaboration with the Animasyros International Festival, ΑSIFA Hellas and the University of West Attica, which are constant partners of EKOME, create the conditions for the support and dissemination of animation in the audiovisual production.

The film “Brutalia, Days of Labour” by Manolis Mavris, which has been supported by the cash rebate program of EKOME, triumphed at the Drama Festival and won not only the grand prize “Golden Dionysus”, but also honorary distinctions for the film set design (Daphne Kalogianni) and costume design (Eva Goulakou), while it also won the award of the International Union of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) and the Onassis Foundation’s screenplay development award.

We are proud of the journey of “Brutalia, Days of Labour” and its distinctions in Greece and abroad, but we are also particularly proud of all the short films selected in all the departments of the Festival. EKOME will continue to support the short film and the filmmakers in their effort to make their idea a reality!

More about the cooperation agreement between EKOME and DISFF can be found here.

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