ΕΚΟΜΕ at Athens Fashion Film Festival 2021

Greece has been steadily emerging as a pole of attraction for many high end international audiovisual productions thanks to the investment incentive programmes of cash rebate (40%) and tax relief (30%). The National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication, in tune with the opening-up of the local market, embraces all efforts to support and further promote the professional training of Greek audiovisual industry professionals.

For this reason, EKOME supports the 3rd Athens Fashion Film festival initiative “Design in Film” that will take place from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th in the context of the Festival. “Design in Film” is a series of open digital discussions where multi-awarded international creative professionals, such as Ellen Mirojnick, Andrea Leanza, and Lucy Yeomans, will be sharing their experiences in working within the current scene of the audiovisual industry.

The aim is to highlight how different artistic fields like fashion, costume design, architecture, production design, fine arts, makeup, video games, interact and collaborate with the audiovisual sector to explore new ways in creating exciting film worlds and characters, but, also, new ways for brands to communicate with their audiences (fashion films, AR games).

The digital discussion “Big Production Filming: The Case of Greece”, on Thursday 25 February at 11 a.m. will focus on the current state of the global audiovisual scene when it comes to creative industries, where Greek professionals and artists are called to participate, Greece’s position in this scene, the attraction of high-end productions to Greece and the incentives and facilitations offered by Greece as a filming location for big international audiovisual projects. Rick Porras (American producer of Lord of the Rings, Contact), Richard Sharkey (British producer of “Marco Polo” on Netflix and “Warrior” & “John Adams” on ΗΒΟ), and Panos Kouanis, President & CEO of EKOME, form the panel moderated by Patrice Vivancos (Manager of “Be Advised” and expert on the MEDIA programme).

The “Design in Film” digital talks will take place online, via the Zoom platform, and will be streamed live for the audience on the AFFF YouTube channel. Simultaneous translation in Greek will be provided for all the talks and the audience will be able to submit its questions for each speaker via the active YouTube chat. The talks will be one-hour long with the last 15 minutes reserved for a Q&A section.

This initiative aims to aspire young artists to make the most of their skills and talents by joining one of the most creative and challenging fields in the world. 

With reference to the digital talk “Big Production Filming: The case of Greece”, focuses on the attraction of audiovisual projects to Greece as a filming location. Read the full article here (in Greek).