EKOME supports animation at the 15th Animasyros Festival


EKOME supports animation at the 15th Animasyros Festival

EKOME supports animation at the 15th Animasyros Festival

For the 5th consecutive year EKOME actively supports the International Animation Festival Animasyros and Agora, which this year celebrates 15 years since its establishment, with original screenings and actions.

At a time when animation in Greece attracts the interest of professionals from all over the world, the targeted collaboration of EKOME with Animasyros Festival focuses not only on the actions of Agora and the international outreach of the industry – thanks to the financial incentives of EKOME, the creative content and the talent of Greek animators – but also the educational programmes of the Festival, the production and recording of the works and the National Repository of Audiovisual Archives of EKOME.

“The global audiovisual market now recognises the ecosystem that has developed thanks to the contribution of EKOME, which brings together the creation, production and distribution, festivals, institutions and especially the educational community and professionals, into a single entity, choosing our country as a destination for the production of audiovisual projects”, says Panos Kouanis, President and CEO, hailing the opening of the Festival.

Representatives of the animation industry will go to Syros to participate in the Animasyros Agora and will implement the training seminar “Animation Storytelling Workshop: Pitching Your Animation Project in the Global Market” (co-organized by EKOME, U.S. Embassy in Athens and the American Film Showcase).

In this context, on Saturday 24/9, a discussion on the Promotion & Synergies Programme of EKOME, U.S. Embassy in Athens and the American Film Showcase is organised in Agora, with the participation of Rachel Gandin Mark (USC School of Cinematic Arts / AFS) and Vasiliki Diagouma (EKOME), followed by a masterclass on the art of animation pitching by Alison Mann (Bric Foundation & Fourth Wall Management) and Asalle Tanha (Cartoon Network).

On the same day, a discussion is held on “Innovative tools to support o/n production”, with the Secretary General of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures, L. Christopoulos, as speaker.

In addition, EKOME will have an active presence in the training workshops since its collaboration with Animasyros in the field of MIL is implemented throughout the year.

The Festival’s programme is rich and includes 7 competition sections, special tributes to the animation of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, educational workshops for the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, regional actions, new collaborations, and networking meetings in the Agora, which is now a reference point for the industry in the Eastern Mediterranean.

You may find all the information about the festival here.

Information on the animation workshop here.

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