EKOME at “Skills Labs” of IEP!


EKOME at “Skills Labs” of IEP!

EKOME at “Skills Labs” of IEP!

The Institute of Educational Policy of the Ministry of Education has approved the Open Educational Resources of EKOME, aiming at cultivating film literacy, collaborative and digital skills of students, as educational material for the innovative programme “Skills Labs” for the academic year 2021-2022. The Open Educational Resources of EKOME include educational film study guides and an e-book for the creation of board and digital narrative games.

Film Study Guides in collaboration with the British Film Institute

The educational film study guides are the product of collaboration between EKOME and the British Film Institute, Vision Kino and the Danish Film Institute. They are based on the classic children’s short films The Red Balloon (1956), Jemima and Johnny (1966), Palle Alone in the World (1949), and the multi-awarded animated feature films Paddington (2014), and My Life as a Courgette (2016), and they are accompanied by the Short Film in Migration Classrooms: General Guide.

The Guides, classified by age, can provide an opportunity to address issues of identity, emotions and growing up, as well as contemporary social and political issues such as migration, industrialisation, and globalisation. They are part of the thematic axis “I care, and I act – Social Consciousness and Responsibility” for teachers and primary school pupils under the general title “Film – A Language Without Borders”.

Educational Guide «Lesson as a Game!»

A multimodal e-book that presents a coherent and accessible methodology for creating educational board and digital narrative games in the classroom. It is aimed at teachers who are interested in integrating game design as an educational activity in their lessons and cultivating children’s collaborative digital skills.

The Guide contains texts, hyperlinks to selected external resources and video tutorials for the creation of games on the Ren’Py and Twine platforms and was created in the context of the International Student Competition for the Creation of Board and Digital Narrative Games organised by EKOME. The 2nd edition of the competition for the school year 2021-2022 was recently approved by the Ministry of Education. It is part of the thematic axis “Creating and Innovating – Creative Thinking and Initiative” for teachers and students of primary and secondary school.

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