1st International Student Competition for the Creation of Board and Digital Games

1st International Student Competition for the Creation of Board and Digital Games

The General Secretariat for Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures of the Ministry of Digital Governance, the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication (EKOME), and the Hellenic Union of Computer Engineers are organizing the 1st International Student Competition for the Creation of Board and Digital Games for students of the last three grades of primary schools and all secondary school grades in Greece and abroad (Greek expats) under the auspices of the Region of Attica.


The competition focuses on linking playcentric learning with specific objectives, by involving students with teaching subjects developing digital skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity in students familiarizing teachers with productive ways of teaching using digital media cultivating a climate of collaborative learning and cooperation between teachers and pupils, as well as among students.


Students and teachers are invited to get familiar with game designing, a dynamic professional and academic sector with rapid national and international development.

The themes of student’s creations should be inspired from the History class, and more specifically Greek antiquity, Byzantium, Greek War of Independence (Revolution of 1821) and the birth of the modern Greek state to the present day.  

Students, in collaboration with their teachers, are invited to create an original board game or a demo of a digital narrative game, the script and/or objectives of which will be related to the above themes.


More information about the competition (in Greek) here

The dates of the online one-day training workshop will be announced in the coming weeks by EKOME. Educational material and information regarding the creation of a game, either board or digital, will be posted in October 2020 on our website. 

For the approval of the contest (in Greek) see here.


Relevant announcements

In the context of targeted synergies aiming to disseminate media and cutting-edge technology literacy, EKOME participated in the one-day conference organized by the Institute of Digital Games – University of Malta, as part of the Erasmus+ “Learn to Machine Learn” project.

The webinar “AI in School Education” took place on November 3, at 16:00, with the participation of Panos Kouanis, President & CEO of EKOME, and experts from Universities and Schools in Malta, Greece, and Norway.