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What is the cost of application submission?

For application submission a fee is required amounting to 0.0005 of the total amount of the estimated eligible costs. This amount may be no less than one hundred fifty (€ 150) to five hundred euros (€ 500) and no more than one thousand five hundred (€ 1,500) to two thousand five hundred euros (€ 2,500) according to case, following the Joint Ministerial Decision 149/2020 (Art 4, par. 8-11).

For the submission of a request for a modification of the qualification decision, the payment of a fee is also required, the amount of which is set at 0,0002 of the eligible costs of the investment plan as defined in the qualification decision. This amount may be no less than two hundred euros (€ 200) and no more than one thousand euros (€ 1,000).

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of eligible expenses?

The minimum amount of eligible expenses for the submission of an investment plan application is determined € 100,000. For TV series, the floor is set at € 15,000-€ 25,000 per episode, and the total budget for all episodes should be no less than € 100,000.

There is no ceiling for eligible expenses.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of above the line expenses that are considered eligible?

Above the line expenses (copyright, screenwriting fees, production, music, direction, two leading roles) are eligible up to 25% of the total amount of eligible costs of the audiovisual project.

Please note that the expenses are eligible only when the payment of insurance fees and the relevant taxes in the Greek territory is proven by legal documents.

Is there a limit to the state aid amount relating to the overall budget of the audiovisual work?

According to EU regulations, the sum of state aid for an audiovisual work in any EU member-state shall not exceed

Α)  50% of the total budget

If, for example, the total budget of an investment plan is € 1,000,000 and it has already been subsidized by the Greek Film Centre with € 200,000, by CNC with € 200,000 and by ZDF with € 100,000, it has received a total of € 500,000 state aid, which equals 50% of the total budget. This production is not eligible for inclusion in the Greek cash rebate because if it receives state aid from EKOME the total amount of state aid will exceed 50% of the total production budget.

Β) in case of a cross-border production, 60% of the total budget (including the state aid by ΕΚΟΜΕ).

Γ) in case of a “difficult” work, 80% of the total budget (including the state aid by ΕΚΟΜΕ).

Is there a ceiling on the fees of the "Executive Company" on the total eligible budget?

The maximum eligible fee is set at 10% of the total eligible budget.