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Are the expenses for a “pilot” production eligible?

The expenses for a “pilot” production are not eligible.

How can I apply for the Greek cash rebate?
The application is submitted online to the State Aid Information System at www.ependyseis.gr. To file the application, interested parties may consult the application submission handbook for inclusion (request guide).
Is there a time limit for the conclusion of an investment plan?

Investment plans have the right and the obligation to conclude within three (3) years from the date of application submission for the cash rebate.

What is the cost of application submission?

For application submission a fee is required amounting to 0.0005 of the total amount of the estimated eligible costs. This amount may be no less than one hundred fifty (€ 150) to five hundred euros (€ 500) and no more than one thousand five hundred (€ 1,500) to two thousand five hundred euros (€ 2,500) according to case, following the Joint Ministerial Decision 149/2020 (Art 4, par. 8-11).

For the submission of a request for a modification of the qualification decision, the payment of a fee is also required, the amount of which is set at 0,0002 of the eligible costs of the investment plan as defined in the qualification decision. This amount may be no less than two hundred euros (€ 200) and no more than one thousand euros (€ 1,000).

How are cultural criteria determined?

Cultural criteria are determined according to Law No. 4487/2017 of the Greek state and their fulfillment is an essential condition for an application to be either accepted or rejected.

The Implementing Body of the Investment Plan fills in all cultural criteria categories and proceeds with a substantiated self-assessment for each cultural criterion. Following the evaluation of the application for inclusion, the competent Committee for the Control of Legality and Evaluation of EKOME either accepts the score of the cultural criteria or changes it accordingly.

Which audiovisual works are eligible for the investment scheme and which ones are excluded?

Eligible for inclusion to the cash rebate scheme for audiovisual works production supports feature films, documentaries, television series, animated films, and digital games.

The rebate does not apply to music concerts, recorded performances, sports events and shows, reality shows, recorded events, commercials, infotainment shows etc.