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What exactly is the technical description of the investment plan in the Audit Request Guide – audit supporting documents, 3(g)?

At the audit stage, you shall identify any deviations/amendments with respect to the technical description of the investment plan already approved by the relevant application for the date aid. In other words, you may use your original text, adding the final variations with justification and concluding with the final implemented investment plan. If at some point, e.g., in (b) (scenario) no changes have been made, indicate that there has been no change to the original plan.

What is the required documentation the Operator has to file with an Audit Request?

To assist investment operators, EKOME developed and uploaded at (Information) a State Aid Request Submission Guide, which clarifies the number and type of supporting documents necessary to file a Audit Request. Please note that filing of the request consists of two stages: (A) firstly, the electronic application is submitted at with the supporting documents in electronic format; (B) a hard copy with copies of the supporting documents and the necessary accompanying documents is submitted to EKOME (as described in the State Aid Request Submission Guide), along with the Certified Auditor's Report, in accordance with the standard specified in the corresponding JMD 7651/2021 (Government Gazette B/1086).

Is there anything we should pay attention to upon submitting the Audit Request?

You are advised to avoid finalizing the digital Audit Request before you have resolved all your financial questions! The Audit Guide takes you step by step through the process.

For any technical questions or difficulties when filing the Review Request digitally via the State Aid Information System (SAIS), please contact:

For more general financial questions regarding the Audit Request, please forward your queries to: The investment plan management team will provide direct guidance.

How can one extend the period of the Audit Request submission?

There is no extension to the Audit Request submission. However, if the investment plan has not expired, the Operator may request an amendment for the extension of the investment plan’s expiration date, postponing it to a later date.

When and how do we submit the completed Budget and Financial Statements table for the project?

This table shall be submitted in Excel format, both in hard copy and digital copy, together with the remaining supporting documents. A template can be found at

Is the request for audit process carried out through

You should submit the electronic application for audit to the State Aid Information System (SAIS) ( with supporting documents in digital format. You shall send a hard copy to EKOME, within 3 days of filing the application with the State Aid Information System (SAIS), accompanied with copies of expenses receipts and their supporting documents (as described in the Aid Request Guide).

As regards the attachments sent to the State Aid Information System (SAIS), the following limitations apply:

  • Maximum size of each attached file: 10MB
  • Total maximum size of attachments per operation: 50MB
  • Acceptable file types: .gif, .zip, .rar