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If filming locations and/or dates change during the execution of the audiovisual project, is there a need for amendment?

If the filming locations and dates change, but the physical scope of the investment plan does not change, the Operator shall inform EKOME of the change in the implementation of the investment plan without filing a request for amendment.

If the variations in the investment plan implementation among the seven main categories are above 20%, but the overall budget does not change, is it possible to amend the budget?

The budget categories may be amended, provided that the amount of the investment plan’s total budget does not change and the request for amendment is made before the expiration of the investment plan.

Can I increase the total eligible budget with a request for amendment?

Such requests shall be admissible provided that the general and legal conditions for inclusion continue to be valid. The request shall be accompanied by a technical description justifying its feasibility. Upon receipt of the request, a review of the cultural criteria score of the approved investment plan is required before the request can be approved or not.

If fewer or more expenses than those approved are implemented, is it possible to request an amendment of the eligible budget?

The Operator may request an amendment of the approved eligible budget by filling a request for amendment at before the expiration date of its investment plan.