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What is the “intensity” of state aid?

Aid intensity is measured as the amount of state aid in relation to the costs of production or the costs of investment of the company or project that receives the aid. State aid is irrespective of whether it comes from a different system of subsidies or from a different EU member-state.

Which audiovisual works are eligible for the investment plan? Which ones are excluded?

The cash rebate for audiovisual works production supports feature films, documentaries, television series, animated films and digital games that choose Greece as the location in principal photography and production development and/or post-production stage. The rebate does not apply to music concerts, recorded performances, sports events and shows, reality shows, TV games, commercials, current affairs shows etc.

Applications may be submitted for international and domestic productions and/or co-productions to obtain a 35% cash rebate on the sum of eligible expenses incurred in Greek territory. 

During the first period of Law No. 4487/2017 implementation, digital games production was not included in the investment incentive plan (cash rebate). In September 2018 the Law was amended and the updated legislation provides a more flexible floor for TV series starting at €30,000 per episode, with a total of  €100,000, and a new minimum for digital games (€60,000).

When shall I apply for cash rebate?

You may apply to EKOME S.A. all year long. Applications for state aid for audiovisual work production should be submitted at least 60 days before the beginning of the works (principal photography or post production) in the Greek territory. The Greek undertaking company should submit a full finalised financing plan listing all funding sources accompanied by the relevant contracts.

How are cultural criteria determined?

According to EU regulations, audiovisual works produced in EU member states, should match specific cultural and production criteria to be eligible for the investment incentive plan (cash rebate).

Cultural criteria are determined according to Law No. 4487/2017 of the Greek state while taking into consideration the EU practices leading to a point system-based assessment that decides upon the audiovisual work’s uniqueness in relation to the country where it is being produced (domestic concept).

The Greek list of culture criteria was set in the same vein. Based on the available knowledge and experience of the EU countries that have already adopted the point system, the Greek point system was adapted to the particular features of the country. It focuses mostly on the content with the aim to promote the cultural, historical, geographical and touristic uniqueness of Greece, as a location for international productions, supporting at the same time the domestic audiovisual industry (artists, crews, studios, film labs etc.)