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When will I receive the cash rebate?

The cash rebate will be available to producers no later than 6 months after the completion of the investment incentive plan, provided that all prerequisites of Law No.4487/2017 have been met. Within 30 days, EKOME S.A. pertinent Committee issues the conclusive report addressed to the Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media who ratifies the subsidy act and the sum is deposited to the beneficiary’s bank account no later than 60 days from the final decision.

What is the investment incentive scheme (cash rebate) that is implemented through EKOME SA?

The investment incentive (cash rebate) is a state subsidy for the production of audiovisual works amounting to 35% of eligible expenses incurred in Greece for all beneficiaries. Producers will have access to state aid once they pass the cultural test and spend at least €100,000 in eligible expenses in Greece. The updated legislation provides a more flexible floor for TV series, starting at €30,000 per episode with a total of €100,000, and a new minimum for digital games (€60,000) while projects are financed without a cap.