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Is there anything I should pay extra attention to when submitting the audit request?

It is advisable to avoid finalizing the online Audit Request before resolving all your financial and technical questions! The Audit Manual directs you step by step through the whole process.

For any questions on technical matters or difficulties you might encounter during the audit request submission through the State Aid Information System you may contact EKOME at (+30) 214 4022526.

For more general financial and technical questions regarding the submission of the Audit Request, you can send your questions to the e-mail: The investment plan management team will guide you directly. 

What documents does the Implementing Entity submit with the Audit Request?

To facilitate the investment Implementing Entities, EKOME has prepared and uploaded to (in the Information section) an Audit Request Guide, which clarifies the number and type of the necessary accompanying documents in order to submit an Audit Request.

It should be noted that the submission of the request includes two stages A) first a file in physical form is submitted to EKOME, with the expenses documents and their necessary accompanying documents (as described in the Audit Request Guide) and B) the electronic application is submitted to , with the accompanying supporting documents, in electronic form.

What exactly is the technical description of the investment plan in the Audit Request Guide-Documents, 3 (g)?

During the audit phase, you will indicate any deviations/modifications in relation to the Technical description of the investment plan that you have already submitted initially to the Application Form. That is, you can use your original text by adding the final variations and ending up with the final investment plan for implementation. If at some point, e.g. in (b) (scenario) no changes have occurred, you should state that at this point there has been no change in the original plan.

If the Audit Request has deficiencies, does this lead to rejection of the Request by the Audit Authority?

No, your request will not be rejected due to possible deficiencies, as they are identified and recorded during the audit process, so that you can be sent an e-mail by the Audit Authority, requesting the specific documents submission to EKOME. The Law provisions for a period of twelve (12) days after the receipt of the letter for handling and submitted the relevant documents to EKOME.

What should the physical folder submitted to EKOME include?

The physical folder includes:

a) the original documents stamped with the individual application number for all eligible expenses documents, as well as clear photocopies of the originals, with an equally clear proof of payment attached.

b) list of the documents to be submitted by the Implementing Entity as well as their payments (see standardized file "MODEL BUDGET AND BALANCE-SHEET" in the Audit Application Guide). To facilitate the audit, the specific table should be included in the electronic files uploaded by the Implementing Entity to the State Aid Information System in the phase of submitting the audit request,

c) the statement of suppliers' accounts   

d) the statement of the Implementing Entity current accounts

e) The USB 3.0 hard drive with audiovisual material documenting the fulfillment of cultural criteria

f) In case the regular staff of the Implementing Entity has worked for the specific investment plan, the printed file must include detailed timesheets with the hours dedicated to it (in relation to their total schedule).