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How long does it take for the subsidy amount to be allotted?

The payment process is concluded about 3 - 5 months from the date the application for payment has been submitted.

What is the investment incentive (cash rebate) that is implemented by EKOME?

The investment incentive (cash rebate) is a state aid given after the completion of the production of audiovisual works, when the costs of the investment plan have been audited. The rebate amounts to 40% of the eligible costs incurred in Greece.

It is underlined that the amount of the state aid implemented by EKOME is not allotted in part during the production, nor in advance before the start of the production, but after the production has been completed.


Who can apply for the Greek cash rebate?

(i) Companies founded in Greece operating to produce or offer production services for audiovisual projects (with business activity codes 59.11 or 59.12 or 62.01.21)

(ii) Foreign audiovisual production companies with a branch in the Greek territory operating to produce audiovisual projects (with business activity codes 59.11 or 59.12 or 62.01.21).

In the case of cross-border productions, applications for cash rebates may be submitted only by producers established or having a branch in the Greek territory.

How can I apply for the Greek cash rebate?

Application may be submitted online either through our website, or directly to the Information System for State Aid on After signing up on the “Investment Incentive of Audiovisual Works” platform, the user may consult the manual for application submission (User Manual). For the application submission, users need to register to the platform

When shall I apply for the Greek cash rebate?

You can apply to EKOME throughout the year. Applications for State aid for audiovisual works production may be submitted up to 10 days before the start of the production and/or post-production in Greece.

Who is the Investment Plan Operator?

The Operator shall be deemed to be the producer or the Production Service Company who submits the application for inclusion to EKOME via

Where the Operator is the Production Service Company, written authorization from the producer, or producers, or co-producers granting them the right to apply for inclusion shall be required.