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What is the “intensity” of state aid?

Aid intensity is measured as the amount of state aid in relation to the costs of production or the costs of investment of the company or project that receives the aid. State aid is irrespective of whether it comes from a different system of subsidies or from a different EU member-state.

When will I receive the cash rebate?

The cash rebate will be available to producers no later than 6 months after the completion of the investment incentive plan, provided that all prerequisites of Law No.4487/2017 have been met. Within 30 days, EKOME S.A. pertinent Committee issues the conclusive report addressed to the Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media who ratifies the subsidy act and the sum is deposited to the beneficiary’s bank account no later than 60 days from the final decision.

Who is the implementing body of the investment incentive plan?

The producer or executive producer as defined in Article 25, Chapter D of Law No. 4487/2017  and in the Joint Ministerial Decision who submits the application.

Are the expenses incurred during pre-production phase considered as eligible?

All pre-production costs that may be considered as eligible expenses are explicitly specified in Article 2 of the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD 128/11-12-2018). They should be incurred close to the start of the production phase and have the work’s title on the legal documents that are submitted to EKOME S.A.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of expenses?

For an audiovisual work to be eligible for cash rebate, eligible expenses incurred in the Greek territory during principal photography or post-production phase, should reach at least €100,000. The rebate amounts to 35% on the eligible expenses incurred in Greece for all beneficiaries. 

What is a “difficult” audiovisual work?

A “difficult” audiovisual work is a single audiovisual work (one episode or parts of one episode of a TV series or mini TV series, a film made for the cinema or for television, or parts of them, irrespective of their duration) whose sole prototype is in Greek language, the first and/or the second work of a director, works having a budget of up to € 500,000, and works that have limited potential for commercial exploitation in international markets.

For this reason, in the tables included in the Joint Ministerial Decision on the investment incentive, there is a specific category of cultural criteria (Table E) that specifies when an audiovisual work may be termed as "difficult", with specific categories on which the project is rated (with a minimum score 10 out of 20 to qualify for the investment incentive), in addition to other tables.