EKOME partners with Syros international Film Festival 2021

EKOME partners with Syros international Film Festival 2021

EKOME was glad to announce its partnership with the 9th Syros International Film Festival (SIFF). This summer, SIFF’s workshops aimed at a range of filmmakers and cinephiles promote our common goals; of safeguarding Greek audiovisual heritage and increasing audiovisual literacy through education.

For the 9th edition of SIFF, held from July 22–26, 2021 on the island of Syros, the chosen theme of “Off Season” proposed an alternative view on this era of crisis: the films in this program zoom in on different notions of the passage of time: the different “speeds” at which humanity operates (speeds determined exclusively by geography and culture); forced movement and compulsory immobility in the era of global mobility; the management of personal and “free” time as a fundamental human right.  

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Panos Kouanis, EKOME President and CEO of EKOME stated about this collaboration: “It is a great pleasure and honor for the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication to be amongst the organizations supporting the Syros International Film Festival as of this year. Our partnership with the Festival affirms our joint understanding of cinema as authentic artistic expression; the medium itself holds a central position in the development strategy for the audiovisual sector as promoted by EKOME, through its investment incentives and the development of its network of Film Offices throughout Greece. It is also a means of preserving historical memory and audiovisual heritage, as addressed by operation of the National Repository of Audiovisual Archives implemented by EKOME, and an educational tool that promotes knowledge, as defined by EKOME’s educational strategy. Through the manner it addresses the cinematic image, the 9th Syros International Film Festival constitutes an important cultural institution amidst the cultural activities on a Cycladic and national scale. We plan on setting out on more journeys together in the future, alongside the innovative routes the festival traces each year.”

Alexia Papakosta and Michalis Tsagkarakis (Department of Audiovisual Archives & Education R&D Development) were present at SIFF on behalf of EKOME.

You may find info on SIFF here

Snapshots of the 9th SIFF presentations / screenings.

Photo credits: SIFF